10 Benefits Of Investing In Gold In This Year For Long Term

Investments are used as a source of security and safety; there are different types of investment long term and short term. People can invest in shares, bonds, money market funds or gold. There are several benefits in investing gold some of them are given below;

Global Market Demand

Global Market Demand

Gold is widely used worldwide, so the demand exists not in just Arab countries or Southeast Asia; it has a global market demand that means its demand exists worldwide. The global market is one of its primary importance of holding gold as an asset. It is important to know why do people invest in gold; the reason behind it is those people who buy gold have different reasons.

Some of them buy gold as a security others buy it to save them from financial risk as well as wanting to hedge against financial inflation. Gold can be sold in jewelry or bulk form; to buy gold in bulk, several companies sell gold in the market before coining them and selling it in bulk form. Bullion is selling gold or silver in the form of bars of precious metals such as gold or silver. There are several traders of independent bullion dealers.

Gold investment has 3 major forms:

  • Physical gold bars and coins
  • Gold ETF
  • Gold mining shares

Physical gold bars and coin: People who make an investment in the gold bars and coins have a full legal title of gold they have purchased.

Gold ETF: Anyone who has an account at brokerage house can purchase this ETF it is just like purchasing and selling shares in their favorite listed companies. It has a long term cost associated with it which is known as a fund under management (FUM) if the price of the gold is doubled then they have to pay double fees. This is different from investing in gold bars or coins that can be stored at certain fees for the vault or maybe free if it is in a locker at home.

Gold mining shares: The riskiest form of investment in gold is investing in companies that are involved in gold exploration or gold mining companies. The risk is that they may never find gold, or if they find gold cost may increase or output fall both may reduce their margins and reduce the value of the company’s share.

Gold Is A Highly Liquid Asset:

Gold is a highly liquid asset because it is easily converted into cash. You need to consider the feature of its high liquidity because if you buy gold as an investment you can sell it anytime without any significant decrease. Although the chances are that its value increases with the passage of time.

Gold Requires No Specialized Knowledge:

Is it easy for you to recognize real diamond? Is it easy for you to differentiate between the two paintings? Which antique furniture piece is more valuable than others? These things require specialized knowledge, But gold bullion requires none of this skill to buy or recognize gold bullion. Gold bullion will protect you in the time of loss and protect you in the decline of the major asset value.

Gold Hedges Your Stock Market Investment:

Gold is mostly considered a highly known hedge in the cases of downturns, gold turns the best exceptionally in the cases of crises during the era of downfall from 2000-2003 stock fell 42.5% during the same period gold was up 27.6%. It is like a safe haven in the era of downfall.

Low Carrying Cost:

Gold has low carrying cost and easy is to store because it requires less space, it has low maintenance cost so investing in gold is beneficial for the investor. In order to secure your gold at a bank or at home it doesn’t require a huge amount of money to keep it safe you can place it in a locker or at the bank with the minimal carrying cost of the locker.

No Counterparty Risk:

Gold has no counterparty risk, you cannot go bankrupt by having physical gold, on the promise and obligations gold bullion will never default.

Gold Is Money:

For long term wealth protection, physical gold is one of the best forms. It will be better than any currency that would be used in the future and it is ideal security for your inheritor.

Protection Against Government Policies:

When the government faces financial crunch they cease bank accounts garnish wages and seize funds. Or they simply pass such rules and regulations that suit them. In order to protect yourself from such actions you can invest in gold it acts as an insurance policy against government jurisdiction.


It is important to have a diversified portfolio to reduce the risk of investment. It is a stress-free and suitable way to invest in gold to expand the portfolio. Gold is inversely related with the stock market and currencies. Means gold moves in an upward direction when currencies are depreciating and the stock market is at a downfall.

 Most Anticipated Product

Gold is considered as the most desired commodity and given in weddings and other events as a gift it has a huge demand worldwide favorite commodity of everyone. It has great importance in weddings because it is used in jewelry and long term security for women as well. People want to invest in gold because its value mostly does not depreciate and it is used worldwide so it can be traded in any country of the world.


Hence, it is concluded that investing in gold either in jewelry form or in the form of bars it is just going to benefit both ways. Moreover, although the prices of the gold rise and falls according to the inflation rate and according to the economic conditions of your state but it still is a safer bet for a longer run.